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This video will show you how to make a form pop up when a button is click and how to close a form. To


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Apr 11, 2010 - Microsoft uses Form f = new Form(); f.Show(); by default when creating a new Windows Forms project to show the main form, and there is probably Nov 12, 2013 - If this doesn't solve your problem, I will delete my answer but, I am assuming that you aren't instantiating your form: Form2 frmLogin = new Form2(); Show(); // Draw a blue square on the form. /* NOTE: This is not a persistent object, it will no longer be * visible after the next call to OnPaint. To make it persistent,

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In my breezing form all the form show but only 1 form show blank. here is the link - English (United Kingdom)For example, when 20 members have signed up to a task, the form should show "sold out" or "closed up" Is this possible? If so, is there a kind soul, who can Net? Cannot Show Another Form in Visual C#? C# Multiple Forms in WinForms? Hiding and showing forms in C#? C Apr 25, 2013 - The enigma is in the form.Show(); With the method ShowForm() above, do you think the currentShowForm can be null??? What? Any case? Shows the form with the specified owner to the user. Displays the form. the control to the user. (Inherited from Control.) Public method, Show(IWin32Window), Shows the form with the specified owner to the user.

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